I’m Having A Baby? No I’m not….Wait…

“We aren’t having a baby this year, are we?” This is not a normal question, but it is one that I asked my husband in January 2017. I was just checking. I’ve never had maternal instincts or felt….well, motherly in any way, so this was a legitimate question in my mind. We both laughed it off and went to sleep. Fast forward 1 month, I went to him complaining about tender breasts. His reply of “you’re probably pregnant” meant nothing to me because I knew my period was supposed to start soon and this happened every month. Period symptoms are often the same as early pregnancy symptoms! And every month he would say “you’re probably pregnant” almost as reverse psychology. We’re kids ourselves! We don’t need to have them. And we won’t, as long as we use the “you’re probably pregnant” phrase. Logic.

I had just gone back to my old job as a General Manager after leaving for almost a year, so I was too focused on getting back into the swing of things without thinking about, hello, bringing a life into this world. Then I realized that my period was about 5 days late. This has happened before too. I’m generally pretty regular, but with the stress of a “new” job, it made sense to me that it was late. I waited another day or so, then bought a pregnancy test for peace of mind (history lesson: I’ve bought a million pregnancy tests for peace of mind, so again, this was no different than a normal routine to me). I was so NOT WORRIED about this test that I took it at work, an hour from home, without talking to Tyler about it. I went to the bathroom, waited the required amount of time, and picked up the pregnancy test with rolling eyes with “ugh this is such a waste of time” going over and over in my mind. Then I saw it. A positive sign. Double take. “No it’s wrong. Wait… I’m pregnant? ME? No” this replayed in my mind at least 100 times. I’m at work, what am I supposed to do now? Tyler is at home asleep. I’m shaking. I’m not even sure what being pregnant means. Looking back at this, I think it’s hilarious when I see “cute pregnancy announcement” suggestions on Pinterest because what I did was so not cute or thought out. I went to the back room and called my husband. Again, he’s been asleep for about a good hour, so the perfect time to break the news, right? Here’s the exchange:

Me: “Hey babe. I’m just calling because….well, I took a pregnancy test just so I would stop thinking about it. ….but uh……well. It was positive…”

Tyler (half asleep still): “What?”…then he starts laughing because, I guess it seems ridiculous. We haven’t been pregnant before, why would we be now?

Me: “Yeah.”

Tyler: “well alright then!” – his tone was bright. He seemed happy.

Me: “Well what do we do now?”

Tyler: “Well nothing. It’s going to be good! I’m going back to sleep though”

I wonder what Pinterest would think of this type of exchange. On another note, this is why Tyler is perfect for me. He was so chill and that helped me relax too. I even smiled after I hung up the phone. I get home later that night where he was still in bed, but not really sleeping. I sat on the bed next to him and we both just started laughing. This was the easiest response and I still look back really happy that this is how we deal with life changing events.