The Second Trimester


“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” – Albus Dumbledore

At 14 weeks, the worst part was over. I finally felt like almost myself again. I finally had enough energy to motivate myself to get out of bed. I didn’t feel like some foreign object was calling the shots anymore. I literally woke up one day and all of the sickness was gone. This was a great day.

Here is what was most interesting about this portion of pregnancy: people no longer see you as a person. They see you as an attraction at a museum that doesn’t have a “Do Not Touch” sign ONLY because that should be obvious. Apparently it’s not. I could go on for days about how pregnancy was unintentionally quite a social experiment and how shockingly different people treated me, but I’ll just give the highlights. One of the first instances I remember was at work. I was helping a man pick out some fish for his fish tank and I was spewing off roughly 5yrs of knowledge to help him successfully keep his aquarium alive. I ask him if he has any preferences and as an answer to my question he says, “so…..are you pregnant?” …… ……….. There are SO MANY things wrong with this scenario. First of all, you’ve all heard it, NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant. Best case scenario, she says yes which does not weigh out against the worst case scenario. Just leave it alone. Also, I am a human being genuinely trying to help you. I just spent 10mins explaining different water quality levels and how to remedy them and you act as though you have heard nothing because CLEARLY nothing is more important than me being pregnant right now. Me. A stranger who has never seen you before. Me. A statue in a museum only worthy of your curiosity and personal entertainment. But wait there’s more.  Just because clearly commenting on the shape of my stomach was not enough, he then proceeds to ask me if I’m married. What. WHAT?! First of all, I’m wearing rings, look for yourself, but second, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Clearly this conversation can’t just be about fish anymore. I’m sorry. Excuse me for thinking you care about living things you invest your money in. That was my fault. I remind myself that my job is customer service and nicely reply that yes, I am married. His opinion was that this was good. Thank God. I’m so glad I got his approval. And God forbid, I not be married.

The coolest part of the 2nd trimester….and well…really all of the pregnancy? This is when you first start to feel the baby move. It is scary and amazing and when I first started to feel a bond with this thing growing inside of me. It made it real. My mind went from “wow this is amazing” crying to “oh my god, I’m for real having a baby” crying. Quite a range of emotions. Speaking of emotions, this is period where I was MOST emotional. For example, I went on a work trip and after a 6hr flight and over an hour drive from the airport, all I wanted to do was sleep and watch some TV. Now to help you understand, I do not have television at home. I have Netflix and Hulu, but one vital thing that those two services do not provide? The Food Network. Every time I go on a work trip I am secretly excited that I get to stay in a hotel so I can watch The Food Network and keep an inevitable Chopped marathon on while I sleep. ANYWAY, I’m at the hotel ready to eat my weight in potato chips and watch The Food Network. I turn on the TV and “there is an error”. What. This is all I wanted IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK? I call the hotel office, a guy comes to look at the TV (and by look, I do mean literally stare at it and…that’s it) to tell me there is nothing he can do. I keep reminding myself to have the dignity to not cry in front of a stranger. He walks out and I instantly start to try and problem solve. WHAT DO I DO I MUST WATCH CHOPPED. So I finally have some clarity and download The Food Network app on my phone and start to watch The Next Food Network Star (my 2nd favorite show on this network) and everything was fine. I could stop choking back tears now. Then five minutes later it starts buffering……ugh. Okay. AND IT KEEPS BUFFERING FOR YEARS. I lost my mind. I instantly started bawling my eyes out and everything that ever seemed a little bit bad in my whole life came to mind at that moment. “I can’t even call Tyler because I’m halfway across the country and it’s 3am. Omg I can’t even be with Tyler right now, I won’t see him for a week. Am I too dependent on him? Ugh I didn’t even want those chips anyway. Pregnancy is making me gain so much weight. I JUST WANT TO WATCH THE FOOD NETWORK. You realize you’re crying about not getting to watch TV, right? YES AND I DON’T CARE”…… I. Was. A. Disaster. Then 5mins later, my app started working and I was fine.

And that is a perfect description of the 2nd trimester.