What A Side Plank Can Teach Us About Potential

If you guys have been paying attention, you know that I have been questioning societal expectations for awhile now. There is so much pressure put on us to perform a certain way. I hope that after reading this that you will realize that you have an abundance of untapped potential.

It starts with believing in yourself. Is that too cliche? No. I mean BELIEVING in yourself.

Let’s use fitness as an example. Before I started really dialing into my health, I would have told you that I believed in myself. I was successful at work and I seemingly got everything I wanted because I worked hard for it. HOWEVER, working out? Not for me. I can’t go to the gym, I don’t even know how to use the equipment. I couldn’t hold a side plank. Not even for 10 seconds. When I realized that, instead of feeling defeated, I said “okay. Well I will work on that and I WILL be able to hold a side plank for at least 30 seconds.”

P.s. I held one for a full minute the other day at the end on my workout.

I started to realize the doubt was just the easy way out. It was fear trying to hold me back. If you had told me back then that I would lose 20+ pounds, get NASM certified, and HOLD A FREAKING SIDE PLANK, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Here’s what fitness taught me: straight and simple, discipline. I didn’t always wake up believing in myself. It took me 2 months to see REAL changes and a year to get me where I am. However, I trusted the process and I broke the belief that I couldn’t accomplish anything I wanted to. Action leads to emotion (aka belief in myself).

What I’m getting at is, we have a WORLD of untapped potential. Did you know that most people on average only use 10% of their brain? Why is that? Fear. Fear of becoming great, fear of failure, fear of changing lives of people around you. Fear of changing the societal expectation put on us at a young age.

Most of us long for more. Whether it’s a promotion at work, wanting to make an impact on society, more money, a family. Whatever it is, I think it’s safe to say we all want a life well lived. We start to question what we could do. “What if I wrote a book? What if I started a non profit? What if I ran a marathon? What if….?” Fill in your blank.

That “what if” is your potential calling. How many times have you heard your “what if” and pushed it away because your goal seems unobtainable…or….because you are afraid.

Rachel Hollis says it best when she asks you to challenge yourself every time you see yourself pushing away your “what if” dream and replace the expectation of the people around you with the imagination of who you could be.

Replace the expectation of the people around you with the imagination of who you could be. – Rachel Hollis

If you are not motivated enough by this, then I ask you to question one more thing. If you fully lived out your potential, your dream, who would be affected by it? How could it change your way of living, your families way of living, and the people around you? You have the potential to be a catalyst for change. You are doing the world a disservice by not living up to it.

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